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Welcome to Beatriz Silva Gaspar! Joining us for a post doc working on photoelectrode material development.

Beatriz Silva Gaspar.jpeg

Welcome to Estelle Dunstan ! Joining us from the University of Dijon for her 6 months M2 intership.

Estelle Dunstan.png

Welcome to Lise Boitard-Crépeau ! Joining us from the ENS Lyon for her 6 months M2 intership.


Welcome to Helena Wagner! Erasmus student from Uppsala University joining us for 4 months.

Welcome to Maya Landis! Visiting student for 3 months from the Vincent's group in Oxford.

these 3.jpg

Congratulations our 2 new doctors: Kun and Duc, who successfully defended their thesis on the 8th and 13th of December respectively

Doc SB.jpeg

Congratulations to Dr. Sebastian, who successfully defended his PhD thesis on the 1st of December in Jena

Welcome to Laura, ERASMUS student from Durham University, who will spend 6 months in the SolHyCat team. 

Welcome to Antik who will be working with us during his PhD project, in collaboration with Dr Dmitry Aldakov at the SyMMES lab.

Welcome to Safae and Matthieu, the two Master 2 students recruits from the SolHyCat team

On the 12th of October 2020, Vincent gave an online conference about bio-inspiration and how it could help the energy transition. This conference was given as part of the science festival "Baie des Sciences" 2020 organised by Le temps des Sciences, dedicated this year to biomimetism. You can watch Vincent's conference HERE.

The short movie introducing our research activities on artificial photosynthesis presented by Murielle (assisted by Kun, Manos and Duc) is now availble! This movie was made in collaboration with Le Temps des Sciences in the framework of the science festival "Baie des Sciences". Watch the film HERE.


Check out our new video about artificial photosynthesis and the development of a new artifical leaf, in collaboration with the USTH, in the outreach section.

Special thanks to Ghislain for editing that video from scratch!

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