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October 2021 
Fête de la Science

On the second week of October, the SolHyCat group was at the "fête de la science 2019" along with the labex Arcane. Angelica, Johnathan, Mariam and Matthieu explained to a large and diverse public the principle of artificial photosynthesis and how our group is trying to store solar energy into fuels, as well as to use them. 

At this occasion, the SolHyCat team also had the chance to welcome 2 groups of students to show them our facilities, some key concept in photo(electro)catalysis as well as more broadly disussing our research.

October 2020 
VIDEO: Conference about bio-inspiration by Vincent Artero at the Festival "Baie des Sciences" 2020 

On the 12th of October 2020, Vincent gave an online conference about bio-inspiration and how it could help the energy transition. This conference was given as part of the science festival "Baie des Sciences" 2020 organised by Le temps des Sciences, dedicated this year to biomimetism.


You can watch Vincent's conference HERE.

September 2020 
VIDEO: Artificial photosynthesis in the SolHyCat group, 3 experiences to understand photocatalysis and Solar Fuels productions

The short movie introducing our research activities on artificial photosynthesis presented by Murielle (assisted by Kun, Manos and Duc) is now availble! This movie was made in collaboration with Le Temps des Sciences and filmed and assembled by Bonnie&Clark Production in the framework of the science festival "Baie des Sciences".


Watch the film HERE or click on the picture! (Disclaimer: movie in french!)

Many thanks to all the participants, Le Temps des Science and Bonnie&Clark for all the work!

September 2020 
VIDEO: Artificial leaves for clean H2 production

Inspired by work pionneered by the group of Daniel Nocera, the SolHycat team, in collaboration with the group of Dr. Phong Dinh Tran at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, are developping a new design of artificial leaf.

This video, entirely edited by Ghislain (Thanks a lot!) explains how this type of devices can use solar energy to produce sustainable H2, a potential step forward a green hydrogen economy.


VA biomim expo 2019.JPG

The SolHycat team, through the labex Arcane, was represented at the Biomim expo 2019 at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie de la Villette (Paris)

Vincent presented how artificial photosynthesis could pave the way to more sustainable strategies to produce, store and consume energy. Watch the full video of Vincent's presentation here.

On the Arcane booth, Duc and Matthieu displayed several experiments including the artificial leaf developed by Duc.


October 22nd, 2019 SolHyCat at Biomim'expo
October 12th , 2019 "Fête de la Science"

On October 12th, the SolHyCat group was at the "fête de la science 2019" along with the labex Arcane. Christina, Kun, Duc and Matthieu showed how to store and use sunlight energy through artificial photosynthesis

October 8th , 2016 "Fête de la Science"

On October 8th, the SolHyCat group was represented along with the Labex Arcane at the "Chemistry and Nature" booth of the Fête de la science

February 4th , 2016  "Scientifique toi aussi"

On February 4th, Nathan and Solène received 20 high-school students to show them water electrolysis with bio-inspired complexes.

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