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Ghislain GENAY-photo.jpg

Ghislain Genay

Research engineer

Ghislain is a junior research engineer working on implementing novel non-noble metal/sulfur materials composite into a Proton Exchange Membrane under the supervision of Adina Morozan in as part of ERC PoC PRODUCE-H2 project and in collaboration with Toyota Motor Europe .

Ghislain performed his master thesis in the same field where he worked hydrogen production using bio-inspired noble-free catalytic nanomaterial in the SolHyCat group under the supervision of Adina Morozan. During his previous internships, he worked on biocoagulant & biocoagulant for turbidity and pathogens removal at ESR (Christchurch). He also worked on an ANR project: PICATA (Development of ultra-stable hydrophobic heterogeneous catalysts by using pi interaction) at ICPEES (Strasbourg) where he developed his knowledge about carbon materials, energy storage and oxidation of CO into CO2 using metallic nanoparticles/carbon composites.

Selected Publications

Intercalation of Copper Phthalocyanine Within Bulk Graphite as a New Strategy Toward the Synthesis of CuO-Based CO Oxidation Catalysts

Couvret Gaëlle, Genay Ghislain, Robert Cerise, Michel Loïc, Caps Valérie. Frontiers in Chemistry. 2020, 735 (7)

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