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Soundarrajan Chandrasekaran

Postdoctoral Fellow

Soundarrajan Chandrasekaran was born in India. He received his PhD from University of South Australia, Australia under the supervision of Professor Nicolas H. Voelcker and Professor Thomas Nann. His research interests include fabrication of porous silicon, porous silicon nanoparticles, silicon nanowire arrays, diatom-derived silicon as photoelectrode materials for solar water electrolysis. He started his postdoc research at Dr. Vincent Artero group, CEA Grenoble in November 2015. His project involves the attachment of hydrogenase mimics onto semiconductors.

Selected Publications:

1. Nanostructured silicon photoelectrodes for solar water electrolysis
S. Chandrasekaran, T. Nann, N.H. Voelcker 

Nano Energy Journal 2015, 17, 308-322 (Journal cover)


2. Boron-doped silicon   diatom frustules as a photocathode for water splitting

S. Chandrasekaran, T.J. Macdonald, T. Nann, N.H. Voelcker

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2015, 7, 17381-17387


3. Silicon diatom frustules as nanostructured photoelectrodes

S. Chandrasekaran, M.J. Sweetman, K. Kant, W. Skinner, D. Losic, T. Nann, N.H. Voelcker

Chemical Communications 2014, 50, 10441-10444


4. A quantum dot sensitized catalytic porous silicon photocathode

S. Chandrasekaran, T.J. Macdonald, Y.J. Mange, N.H. Voelcker, T. Nann

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2014, 2, 9478-9481


5. Improved lead recovery and sulphate removal from used lead acid battery through electrokinetic technique

S. Chandrasekaran, A. Sivasankar, S. Maruthamuthu, A. Veluchamy

Journal of Hazardous Materials 2012, 217–218, 452-456

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