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Rémi Olivier

Master 2 Student

After a chemistry bachelor obtained in 2004 and a few food related jobs, he started his professional career as a research and development technician in organic synthesis at BIOCODEX laboratories (Compiègne) where he worked for 6 years.

Then he worked at SNF Floerger (Saint Etienne) as chemical technician where he worked on polyacrylamides and polyvinylformamides for 7 years, both at lab and industrial scale. 

Then he moved to the Centre Technique du Papier (Grenoble) for almost 2 years when he decided to re-start his studies by integrating the master of chemistry at the University Grenoble Alpes in 2021. He made his 1st year internship in the SyMMES department under the supervision of Cyril Aumaître where he worked on organometallic chemistry and photochemistry. The specialization of the second year in organic synthesis led him to integrate the SolHyCat team in January 2023 under the supervision of Matthieu Koepf.

Passionate about climbing, he scours the cliffs and bouldering halls.

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