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Léonard Olivotto

Master 2 Student

In 2018, Leonard obtained a DUT (technician diploma) in physical measurements and obtained a Bachelor degree in Physic and Chemistry in 2020 at the University Grenoble Alpes. He is currently finishing his last year of Master degree in Nanochemistry in the same university.

Over the years, Léonard had the opportunity to carry out several interships. In 2018, he worked at Lynred company to optimize a process for surface analysis of microbolometers. in 2020, he joined the Biosen team at the DCM (Grenoble) to participate to the development of new implantable enzymatic biofuel cells implantable.

In 2021 he then joined the SolHyCat team to implement molecular bio-inspired hydrogen oxidation catalysts in membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) as part of his first year of master internship. He then chose to pursue this molecular material development during his second year Master internship in the same group to implement these hybrid electrode to proton exchange membrane fuel cells.

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