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Florian Moreaux

Master 2 Student

Florian received his Bachelor in chemistry in 2020 from the university Claude Bernard of Lyon.

His first year of master internship was focused on cities’ sustainability. Specifically, he worked on the design of new road surfaces materials to fight against the urban heat island effect. To do this he prepared original materials, analysed (thermal and colorimetric analysis) each component and each mix, to optimise the system.

In February 2023, he joined the SolHyCat team for his 2nd year internship of the Master Chemistry, Material and Sustainable Development that he started in Lyon.

During his stay, he will develop novel bioinspired materials for the electrocatalytic production of dihydrogen. The main aim of this internship is to study the impact of surface modification of MoSx materials on the electrocatalytiq properties towards H2 production of the material.

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