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Cécile Caumes

Post Doctoral researcher

Cécile received her PhD degree in 2011 from the Université Blaise Pascal of Clermont-Ferrand (under the supervision of Claude Taillefumier and Sophie Faure) for her work on peptoids, in the field of peptidomimetics. During her PhD she studied how the nature of the side chains can control the conformation of peptoid backbone.

She then joined the group of Philippe Karoyan at the ENS Paris and Université Pierre et Marie Curie on a project aiming at creating foldamers (peptidomimetics of controled geometry) with catalytic activity.

In 2014, she integrated the group of John Sutherland in Cambridge to study prebiotic chemistry, working on plausible early earth chemical activation pathways leading to primitive peptides and phospholipids systems.

In 2016, she was hired as project manager at Smartox Biotechnology, a start-up located in Saint-Egrève specialised in commercial production of peptides.

Cécile joined the SolHyCat team in 2024 to investigate the integration of molecular catalyst within macromolecular matrices in order to tune their selectivity and stability.

Selected Publications
Selected Presentations
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