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Mariam Fadel

Postdoctoral Fellow

Mariam was born in 1992 in Lebanon. She studied Physical chemistry in the specialty "Materials and Process Catalysis".

In November 2018, she obtained her PhD from the university Aix Marseille and the school of Engineer Sciences. Her PhD thesis mainly focused on designing a new electrochemical cell to study redox enzymes that reduce carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide, CO-dehydrogenase.

In September 2018, she joined the M2P2 Laboratory (at Ecole Centrale Marseille/CNRS) working on the project for the characterization of membranes and drinking water using fluorescent nanoparticles. She also taught at the IUT-Aix Marseille (thermodynamics as well as Heat and Mass transfer).

In September 2020, she has joined the team of Vincent Artero as a post doc researcher, working on the characterizations of photoelectrochemical systems for the autonomous production of solar fuels.

Selected Publications

1. Impact of Electrode Alignment of Rotating Disk Electrode on the Mass Transport 

M. Fadel, et al. Electrochemica Acta (2018).


2. A New Electrochemical Flow Cell with Uniformly Accessible Electrode to Study the Fast Catalytic Reactions 

M. Fadel, et al. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2019).

Selected Presentations
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