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Julien Massin

Postdoctoral Fellow

Julien received the Ph.D degree in December 2011 from ENS-Lyon. His research in Ph.D program involved the synthesis of probes for the biological imaging by nonlinear optics. After graduation, he has worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Thierry Toupance in ISM of Bordeaux to work on the Dye sensitizing solar cells before coming to Vincent’s group for a postdoctoral position from September 2013, at CEA Grenoble. His current research focuses on the development of photocatode for H2 production.

Scientific Productions:

1. Near-Infrared Solid-State Emitters Based on Isophorone: Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Properties

J. Massin, W. Dayoub, J.C. Mulatier, C. Aronica, Y. Bretonnière and C. Andraud

Chemistry of Materials, 2011, 23 (3), 862-873


2. A water soluble probe with near infrared two-photon absorption and polarity-induced fluorescence for cerebral vascular imaging

J. Massin, A. Charaf-Eddin, F. Appaix, Y. Bretonnière, D. Jacquemin, B. van der Sanden, C. Monnereau and C. Andraud

Chemical Science, 2013, 4 (7), 2833-2843


3. Enhanced fluorescence of isophorone derivatives in DNA based materials

J. Massin, S. Parola, C. Andraud, F. Kajzar and I. Rau

Optical Materials, 2013, 35 (10), 1810-1816.  


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