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Duc Nguyen Ngoc

PhD student

As a student of science from day one, I am keen on broadening my knowledge to solve as many problems as possible. My ultimate goal is to help solving the two huge problem of energy shortage and pollution. Having understood that knowledge from many fields are required to make miracles happen, and to pursuit my dream, I decided to be a student of Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology at the Vietnam-France university. My research interests and activities are focused on the study and development of photocatalytic systems. My years studying and working at the university were spent investigating the emerging photocatalyst Molybdenum Sulfides, and I joined the SolHyCat team to develop photoelectro chemical cells for hydrogen production.

Scientific Productions:

Recent presentations

Engineering of a viable Artificial Leaf for Solar Hydrogen Generation

Duc N. Nguyen, Pascale Chenevier, Vincent Artero and Phong D. Tran - GDR Solar fuels, Synchrotron SOLEIL, Paris, France, May 2019 

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