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Chengbo Li

Postdoctoral Fellow

Chengbo Li received his PhD from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) in 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Lizhu Wu and Chen-Ho Tung on artificial photocatalysts for H2 evolution. He went on to a lecturer position at the Northwest University to work on photocatalytic H2 evolution. He then joined Solhycat in 2016 and works on photocatalytic H2 production.

Selected Publications:

1. Hydrogen production in a neutral aqueous solution with a water-soluble copper complex

Z.-J. Xin, S. Liu, C.-B. Li, Y.-J. Lei, D.-X. Xue, X.-W. Gao, H.-Y. Wang

Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 2016

2. Functional Polypyridine Co Complex as an Efficient Catalyst for Photo-Induced Water Oxidation

H. Wang, Z. Xin, R. Xiang, S. Liu, X. Gao, C.-B. Li

Chin. J. Chem. 2016, 34, 757-762

3. Interface-directed assembly of a simple precursor of [FeFe]–H2ase mimics on CdSe QDs for photosynthetic hydrogen evolution in water

C.-B. Li, Z.-J. Li, S. Yu, G.-X. Wang, F. Wang, Q.-Y. Meng, B. Chen, K. Feng, C.-H. Tung, L.-Z. Wu

Energy Environ. Sci. 2013, 2597-2602