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Antik Ghosh

PhD student

Antik was born in India in May 1996. He obtained his Master degree in Nanotechnology from the School of Nano Sciences, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar in 2019. During Masters, he did his Master´s project on “Investigation of Nanozymatic Activity of Cerium Incorporated MoSe2 nanostructures: An approach for colorimetric sensing” under supervision of Dr. Manu Sharma, where he worked with Ce-MoSe2 synthesized using simple hydrothermal method and introduced a mixed phase configuration with sheet like morphology. The material showed superior peroxidase mimicking activity in the colorimetric sensing of glucose and benfuracarb pesticide. He started his PhD project on April, 2021 with Dr. Dmitry Aldakov (SyMMES / STEP) and with joint supervision of Dr. Vincent Artero (LCBM / SolHyCat group) in CEA Grenoble. The aim of his PhD project is to synthesize Bismuth based perovskite nanocrystals for photoelectrocatalytic CO2 reduction. Apart from academia he likes to be outdoors, play football, music and has strong desires to travel around and explore different places.

Scientific Productions:

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